The identity of The Swaen is based on it's core values:

Quality  |  Authenticity  |  Diversity  |  Reliability

Craft brewing is known for its experimental and innovative approach. Besides of base malts The Swaen offers a large range of high quality special malts. The plant is equipped with one of the most modern technology such as the latest Probat roasting technology and a new stainless steel germination system. This system gives the advantage to produce homogeneous single batches in smaller size, which guarantees a permanent quality of malts.




The Swaen works with the best raw materials.

They use mainly high quality Dutch and French 2 row spring malting barley.


The base malts and  of course the special malts from The Swaen can help to improve flavor, color, fullness and brewing performance. Because of the wide range of special malts The Swaen offers, the brewery's in Taiwan (and all over the world) can let their craft beers stand out from other craft beers from their colleagues.



'De Zwaan' is born. 

Jos Buysrogge & Alois Adriaanse found their malting & brewery business, despite the devastating floods.



The original malting & brewery business is sold to Joos Menu who renames the Manor house to ‘Moutersnest’.



The brewery suffers a major setback when during wartime occupation the copper ‘brewkettles’ are removed.



After the war, the brewery business is closed. Malting now becomes the family’s core activity.



Malting business grows and production increases to supply the growing local and export demand.




Facilities and infrastructure continue to be upgraded and improved including construction of a new silos.



Malt capacity increases to 15.000 MT per annum and the business becomes a leading Dutch commercial Maltster.



Malting capability is further enhanced with the development of a new, more advanced Steeping House.



New Malthouse constructed, allowing further expansion of the export business. A peating installation has been installed.



Royal Grolsch join the management team, enhancing industry expertise and driving new commercial developments.



Royal Grolsch join the management team, enhancing industry expertise and driving new commercial developments.



The SWAEN is reborn. This world-class malting business has a new identity, reflecting its renewed vision for the future.



Unique and modern malting technology has been installed: germination system, environmental friendly roasting technology, new bagging line


“ There may appear to be only two main ingredients used to craft The Swaen Malts: the very best barley and the purest water. Yet there is also a secret ingredient; the talent of our people. Creating a great malt is a careful, skilled process and here in the heart of Zeeuws Vlaanderen, we have developed the skills and traditions of roasting & malting to create the finest malts. ”


At The Swaen they are proud to be part of the rich history of malting and their passion is to build on their exceptional heritage in European malting and continue to innovate and create new varieties of malts for high quality beers.


Jos Haeck, Master Brewer & Maltster, is probably one of the most respected and experienced ‘Malt Masters’ in Europe. As their Malt Master he ensures that every stage of the Malting & Roasting process is impeccably executed, maximizing the benefits from the complex biochemistry. He blends the traditional art of malting with the latest in innovation, creating the best malts.

For the 2nd time in the last three years The Swaen has won a bronze medal at the BREWING SUPPLY AWARDS in Vienna.


This year, 2019, for the third time The Swaen won the golden medal at BREWING SUPPLY AWARDS in Warsaw. Congratulation Swaen and all the hard working employees.We are proud of you.