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Less Hassle

Why have 4 different suppliers with 4 different lead time? With De Leeuwinnen the whole arsenal in one place. Our product line (base, caramel, roasted, organic, platinum malts) has very great diversity. So you can stand out from the others. 


We are looking the best quality / price ratio for you. Stability and consistency in our products means more stability and consistency in your craft beer.


De Leeuwinnen have a storage warehouse. So you can order whenever / how much you want, then you can enhance your space for brewing more of your delicisious craft beer. MOQ is 1bag, whatever you are, a small or large scale brewery.

If you just happened to develop a certain special flavor beer but you think you miss something... 

If you think about renting / rebuilding / extending your storage place... 

If you are tired of inconsistent craft beer flavor...  

If you want to be an exclusive member so we can share our transparent malt info to you...

If you want to focus on brewing / R&D craft beer and not on malt stock management...

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戴克 | Malt | 精釀啤酒麥芽專門供應 專注於精釀啤酒高品質荷蘭麥芽,多次榮獲維也納年度麥芽特賞,我們專注基礎麥芽(拉格麥芽、皮爾森麥芽、艾爾麥芽、維也納麥芽、慕尼黑麥芽、琥珀麥芽、小麥麥芽等),焦糖麥芽(Red、輕麥芽、比利時麥芽、慕尼黑麥芽、風味麥芽)、烘製麥芽(餅乾麥芽、巧克力麥芽、黑麥芽、特黑麥芽、大麥麥芽等)、特製麥芽與有機麥芽.促進台灣精釀啤酒產業的多元化、選擇豐富多樣化的麥芽配方.讓您的產品更獨特卓越.

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